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Josh Newans
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Making a Mobile Robot with ROS - Full list of tutorials

The table below contains all the content published (so far) in the mobile robot build series.

Please excuse the table rendering issues (which I have been meaning to fix for a while…) and also some inconsistency in my numbering.

Video # Playlist: Building a mobile robot Video duration Blog: Articulated Robotics Discussion
1 Why do I think you should build this robot? 15:54 Making a Mobile Robot #1 - Project Overview Discussion
2 Creating a rough 3D model of our robot with URDF 27:18 Making a Mobile Robot #2 - Concept Design URDF Discussion
3 Driving your virtual robot! 22:57 Making a Mobile Robot #3 - Concept Design Gazebo Discussion
4 Giving Our Robot a Brain - Raspberry Pi 06:59 Making a Mobile Robot #4 - Raspberry Pi Discussion
5 EVERYTHING you need to know about about robot power 16:33 Making a Mobile Robot #5 - Power Concepts Discussion
6 Robot Power 2: Electric Boogaloo 14:04 No Blog post Discussion
7 The Ultimate Guide to using Motors in Robotics (including ROS, Raspberry Pi) 25:56 No Blog post Discussion
8 How do we add LIDAR to a ROS robot? 22:45 Making a Mobile Robot #8 - Adding a Lidar Discussion
9 How to use Cameras in ROS (Sim Camera and Pi Camera) 32:01 Making a Mobile Robot #9 - Adding a Camera Discussion
10 How to get your robot to see in 3D! (Depth Cameras in ROS) 23:21 No blog post Discussion
11 Designing a chassis for our robot! (+ other fixes) 16:11 No blog post Discussion
12 Solving the problem EVERY robot has (with ros2_control) 24:36 Making a Mobile Robot #12 - ros2_control Concept & Simulation Discussion
12a Ros2_control Extra Bits 17:38 Making a Mobile Robot #12a - ros2_control extra bits Discussion
13 Using ros2_control to drive our robot (off the edge of the bench…) 31:37 Making a Mobile Robot #13 - Using ros2_control on a real robot Discussion
14a Easy wireless control for your homemade robot! 21:44 Making a Mobile Robot #14a - Teleoperation Discussion
14b Control your ROS robot from your phone! 21:05 Making a Mobile Robot #14b - Advanced Teleop Discussion
15 Easy SLAM with ROS using slam_toolbox 25:47 No blog post (yet) Discussion
16 Making robot navigation easy with Nav2 and ROS!! 22:39 No blog post (yet) Discussion
17 One thing every robot should have… 07:55 No blog post (yet) Discussion
18 Can you chase a tennis ball with ROS? 28:24 Making a Mobile Robot #18 - Object Tracking with OpenCV Discussion

Thanks mhered for your assistance in compiling this table!